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A brief description of the astrophotography process

The charm of astrophotography is that it is extremely challenging. Photographers must not only have a wealth of astronomical knowledge, but also have a superb level of photography. Looking up at the sky, it was pitch black, but seeing the wonderful astrophotography photos, we were surprised to find that the original universe was so brilliant and colorful. These pictures open a window for us to understand nature, which not only has aesthetic value, but also has scientific value.

Beijing Astronomy Association is a very famous organization of astronomy enthusiasts in China. Its chairman, Wang Zhiguo, is a super enthusiast. He has been "obsessed" for more than 40 years, using his spare time to study astrophotography and create many excellent works. In view of the increasing number of astronomy enthusiasts and astrophotography enthusiasts in China, many film friends are eager to understand the basic knowledge and technical essentials of astrophotography. We interviewed Mr. Wang Zhiguo on a special trip and asked him to talk about the shooting of astrophotography based on examples. Steps, show the equipment and equipment for astrophotography.
Astrophotography is getting easier
With the development of digital cameras, astrophotography has become easier and easier. The photographer can not only observe the composition and focus of the picture through the camera's live view function, but also the high-quality and high-sensitivity image sensor can also reduce the shooting time and reduce the shooting difficulty. , Improve the success rate of shooting. At the same time, the digital camera immediately shoots, and you can see the basic effects of the shooting on the spot, which can greatly reduce the chance of mistakes.

Other equipment for astrophotography is becoming more and more advanced. As long as you have an accurate equatorial mount, automatic star finder, and star guide, the photographer can input the data into the equipment, and soon you can automatically search for the desired starry sky position. When the camera is installed on advanced equipment, it is relatively easy to complete the shooting work of astrophotography.
Know the equipment of astrophotography
The equipment for astrophotography can be described as luxurious, and it seems daunting at first glance. In fact, after understanding its structure and the purpose of each part, it suddenly became clear.