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Do you know how to use binoculars in your life

If people who have been exposed to binoculars may not be very familiar with this usage, but we should often see characters in some shootout movies using it, how should a product like this be used? Five ways to tell you!

Measure high and low angles;
The angle between any two targets (or two ends of a target) on the vertical plane is called the high-low angle.

measure the direction angle;
The heading angle refers to the angle between the two targets of the telescope on the horizontal plane (or the two ends of a target on the horizontal direction) and the telescope.

measure distance;
When the height of the target is 2m, the lower end of the target is aligned with the horizontal line of the line of sight division, and the division of the reading of the point tangent to the line of sight at the upper end of the target is the distance between the target and the observer, as shown in the figure. The distance between the target and the observer is 550m.

eye distance adjustment;
First, adjust the positive and negative diopter scales of the left and right eyepieces of the telescope to 0 scale. Hold the left and right mirror bodies of the telescope with both hands, search for distant targets, and stretch or press the left and right mirror bodies at the same time, so that the eye distance of the military telescope is the same as the interpupillary distance of the telescope. The human eye (the full field of view seen by the human eye is a circle), stop adjusting.

object image adjustment;
First search for the target, after locking the target, turn the left eyepiece diopter handwheel to make the target image and segmented image on the left side of the telescope completely clear, and then turn the right eyepiece diopter handwheel to make the target on the right side of the system when the image is completely clear, the alignment is completed. Observe the adjustment of the target. Since the optical path of the military telescope is designed with a dynamic autofocus function, after adjusting the clarity of the telescope, there is no need to refocus when observing targets at different distances again.

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