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Is a high-power telescope 8 times better or 10 times better

First of all, let everyone share a knowledge point. The higher the telescope's multiplier means the smaller the field of view it can see. In layman's terms, the higher your multiplier, the smaller the range you can see.

Many people have been discussing the question of who is good for 8 times and 10 times for a long time, and it is an eternal topic. This question is like some people admire high-power telescopes, thinking that 8 times or more is a high-power telescope, but it is not. The standard size of a high-definition telescope is between 8 times and 10 times. So, is 8 times better, or 10 times more worry-free. Before thinking about this question, you might as well think about it first, when you go to the mall to buy clothes, one is darker in color and the other is lighter. They wear the same style but different colors. A slight gap will make you distressed for a long time. Friends with selection disease will also send private messages to ask their friends how this one is and how that one is. In fact, it doesn't have to be so troublesome. The most important thing is to suit what you like. But the telescope is the same for everyone. 8 times is relatively comfortable for the naked eye. It is a standard size for viewing scenery and birds through the eyepiece. The object seen through the objective lens is slightly larger than that of 10x, similar to a clear close-up.

The 10 times that everyone recognizes is a high-power telescope. So let's talk about how high it is? First of all, the high magnification brings us the effect of increasing the magnification, but it loses the size of the field of view. Therefore, generally speaking, the military telescopes we are more familiar with are 5 to 8 times. The reason is that an open area is required to observe the terrain. Vision. High-power telescopes are not conducive to the observation of terrain. Just like military telescopes, the standard magnification is 8 to 10 times. Of course, 15 times the military magnification is not included. So no matter 8 times or 10 times, what suits you is good. It’s 10 times higher and it’s uncomfortable to watch for a long time, so choose 8 times. 8 times feels that the multiples are a bit unsatisfactory, then, 15 times, 20 times.

A refractor telescopes is an instrument for observing the distance, and what you need is comfort and look and feel. Just imagine if this machine can let you watch the distance comfortably and clearly, clearly and brightly. Then the magnification is not so important. 7 to 10 times is the most widely accepted magnification by the human eye. You use it comfortably and like it all inside. That is what you are looking for.