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Principle and scope of application of thermal imager

The principle and scope of application of thermal imaging night vision

The thermal imager uses optical devices to focus the infrared energy emitted by the objects in the scene on the infrared detector, and then the infrared data from each detector element is converted into a standard video format, which can be displayed on a standard video monitor Come out, or record on video tape. Because the thermal imaging system detects heat rather than light, it can be used throughout the day; and because it is a completely passive device, there is no light radiation or radio frequency energy, so it will not expose the user's location. The objects around us can emit visible light only when their temperature is above 1000°C. In contrast, all objects around us whose temperature is above absolute zero (-273°C) will constantly emit thermal infrared rays. For example, we can calculate that the thermal infrared energy emitted by a normal person is about 100 watts. Therefore, thermal infrared (or thermal radiation) is a widespread radiation in nature. People can use it to perform non-contact temperature measurement and thermal state analysis of objects, thereby providing an important detection for industrial production, energy saving, environmental protection, and so on. Thermal imager effect

Means and diagnostic tools. Similar to diagnosing diseases, electrical components of high-voltage power transmission and transformation, train axle boxes, circuit boards, etc. can also be directly observed and checked with thermal imaging cameras to avoid losses caused by failures. Thermal imaging cameras can also be used for geological surveys, geothermal exploration, forest vegetation distribution, atmospheric and ocean monitoring, fire detection and rescue. Thermal imaging cameras can help rescuers find those victims who are hidden by smoke and darkness, and rescue them. Thermal imaging technology can also help scientists further explore the mysteries of the universe. It can be expected that the application fields of thermal imaging technology will be more fully developed, promoted and popularized in the future.