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The main equipment of astrophotography is roughly divided into six parts

First, the equatorial mount
Due to the rotation of the earth, it takes several minutes, tens of minutes, or even longer to shoot the starry sky with a camera. Then, the stars in the sky will form an arc. The equatorial mount can rotate, and its speed is the same as the speed of the earth's rotation, but the direction is opposite. Therefore, no matter how long the photographer takes the picture, he can maintain a fixed position with the stars in the cosmic sky, and the stars are all the same. The dots, thus, ensure that astrophotography can be carried out successfully.

Second, the main tube
The camera used to observe and take pictures is connected to the back of the main lens barrel.

Third, the guiding mirror
The guide mirror is a telescope with a larger magnification. Its main function is to lock a relatively bright star, assist the main lens barrel to track the shooting target, and accurately grasp the tracking accuracy. Through the camera behind the guide mirror, the target data is transmitted to the rotation speed control device of the equatorial mount to ensure that the main lens barrel is always accurately aligned with the target.

Fourth, the finder
The finder mirror is a telescope with a small magnification, and its viewing angle is large, which is convenient for searching the desired star position.

Fifth, tripod
As the astrophotography equipment is very heavy, a stable tripod is necessary. It can ensure that the telescope and camera work in a stable state and successfully capture clear photographic pictures.

Sixth, digital SLR camera
It is best to use mid-to-high-end digital SLR cameras to take astronomical photos. If you remove the IR cut-off lens in the camera, you can shoot even more wonderful works. Of course, the camera with the infrared cut-off lens can not be used for shooting other common subjects.
As long as the star finder inputs the data of the stars, it can automatically align the astronomical telescope to the required position accurately.
The guide star monitor can clearly see the position of the stars uploaded by the guide star through the screen, monitor at any time, and adjust the deviation phenomenon of the equatorial mount speed in time.
A camera is connected behind the guide mirror, which can transmit the locked star position to the guide, and notify the control device of the equatorial mount to ensure that the rotation speed of the equatorial mount is accurate.

Auxiliary electronic equipment
With the development of science and technology, more and more advanced instruments are born. They help photographers easily find the desired starry sky objects, accurately lock the position of the stars, and ensure that the equatorial mount rotates accurately. The main equipment includes: guide star, star finder, guide star monitor, etc.
Steps of shooting
After understanding the basic equipment of astrophotography, we can follow the photographer to see how the M42 nebula photos are taken. So as to be able to fully understand the basic steps and operating methods of astrophotography.