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Those things about telescope maintenance

Many friends are asking me: How to maintain the telescope after I start it? Today we will talk about the post-care of the telescope.

1. After using the telescope, the telescope must be placed in a ventilated, dry and clean place, and avoid rain, snow, wind and sand.

For telescopes, even with nitrogen filling and drying chambers, these things are very big enemies.

2. When there is dust on the telescope, use professional methods to clean it. Violent cleaning will cause damage to the coating of the telescope itself.

3. Non-professional personnel should never disassemble the telescope without authorization. As long as the telescope is disassembled, its optical axis will change, so that the imaging of the left and right tubes will not overlap, which will seriously affect the observation experience and even damage the telescope.

4. The binoculars with built-in batteries must be removed when they are not in use!