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What to pay attention to when buying spotting telescopes

1. Specifications: For example, 8×30 means that the optical power of the lens is 8 times, and the aperture of the objective lens is 30 mm.

2. Regarding multiples: Many people always think that the higher the optical multiples, the better. In fact, a reasonable multiple of a telescope is related to the telescope's aperture and observation method, that is, the larger the aperture, the higher the multiple can be appropriately higher; use a tripod The fixed observation can be higher than the handheld observation. If you buy hand-held observation binoculars, 7 to 10 times is sufficient, preferably not more than 12 times. Otherwise, the higher the magnification, the smaller and darker the observation field, the observation effect will decrease, especially the jitter caused by the high magnification is also greatly increased, making the observation scene unable to stabilize. Most countries in the world, such as China, the United States, and Russia, also use 6 to 10 times the main telescopes for their troops. This is because a clear and stable image is the most important.

3. Regarding the aperture: the larger the aperture, the greater the field of view and brightness, which is conducive to observation under dim light, but the larger the aperture, the larger the volume. Generally, you can choose between 30 and 50 mm according to your needs.

4. Regarding the field of view: the larger the field of view, the wider, brighter, and more comfortable the observation range. Regular military telescopes generally adopt a wide-angle and large-field design.

5. Regarding coating: The function of lens coating is to reduce reflections, increase light transmittance, and improve observation brightness. The color of the coating should be determined according to the optical material and design. The lighter the coating, the smaller the reflection, the better. In recent years, various red and green film binoculars with strong reflections and brilliance have appeared in the markets in various places, which are very attractive to consumers. In fact, this poor-quality coating reflection loses a lot of light, making the color colder and darker, and the clarity is reduced. What's more, some people call this low-quality red film telescope "infrared night vision telescope" capable of dimming night vision to deceive consumers. In fact, real infrared night vision devices and low light night vision devices are photoelectric Tube imaging is completely different from a telescope. It cannot be used during the day, is expensive, and requires a power supply to work.

6. What the telescope can see: This is mainly related to the performance of the telescope, the weather, the size of the target, and the judgment criteria. According to tests, with Russian-made 8×30 conventional binoculars, when the weather is fine, it is possible to see the stones 100 meters away, the faces of people, the vehicles driving several kilometers away, and the dense clouds on the moon can be seen at night. Craters, satellites of Jupiter, star clusters, nebulae, etc., friends who are interested in astronomy can give it a try. In fact, the fun and use of a good telescope is often beyond your imagination. Some businesses falsely advertise that an 8x telescope means that 80 meters is equivalent to 8 meters. This statement is wrong and terribly funny. Some businesses advertise that they can see dozens of kilometers. I think a few people like this telescope. Can't lift it.

7. Identification of regular Russian telescopes: In recent years, there have been a large number of plastic shells in the market that use camouflage, gray, black, white and green colors. Only ordinary lenses and prisms are used. The lenses are coated with red, green, and yellow films. Some of the so-called Russian telescopes have a little compass, a coordinate line, and the Russian language, the Russian party emblem, a cannon, and a red star printed on the mirror. The so-called "Russian telescopes" labeled dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of times, claiming to be able to see tens of kilometers, hundreds of kilometers, are actually not the imitations of some domestic manufacturers, and the price is only one or two hundred yuan. The quality is very poor, and its true multiple is only about 3-6 times. The real Russian military binoculars are generally only available in the Northeast and Xinjiang border trade areas, and there are not many shipments. The characteristics of Russian military telescopes are that they are all produced by military factories, all-metal structure, sturdy and durable, engraved with a number on the mirror body, using high-quality composite fully achromatic optical lenses, high-quality light blue, light purple, light yellow anti-reflection coating, BaK4 type advanced prism material, wide-angle design with large field of view, real multiples, excellent high-resolution optical quality, fully embodies the superb optical level of the former Soviet Union, leaving a deep impression on everyone who has used it, used and collected The value is high.

8. About the price: a famous brand telescope on the international market has good performance and exquisite packaging technology, but the general price is more than two or three thousand yuan. Relatively speaking, a regular Russian-made telescope with the same high performance is only available in packaging and The craftsmanship is not as good, but the price is much lower, which is very suitable for the working class.

9. Regarding military-grade telescopes: there are three types, one is a regular military type, which is an all-weather telescope; the other is that the previously equipped troops are now for civilian use, such as various range-finding telescopes with dense line; On the basis of the military type, the dense bit line is removed and replaced with a more convenient center focusing and supplied to the market, such as various conventional telescopes. Military-grade telescopes are superior to ordinary civilian telescopes in all aspects.