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Talking about what is the technology of astronomical telescope adaptive optics system

Adaptive optics is an optical system that can effectively resolve large dynamic and static errors and greatly improve imaging quality. It is an active optics. In the optical system of the astronomical telescope, due to the change of the physical properties of the lens and the influence of atmospheric turbulence, the resolution of the telescope is not high, and the imaging effect is not ideal. Since the 1970s, adaptive optics systems have been established due to the needs of the underlying technology.

The adaptive optics system is an automatic control system that takes the optical wavefront as the object. Through the real-time measurement, control and correction of the optical wavefront, the optical system can automatically adapt to changes in the environment and maintain a good working condition. The wavefront detector measures the optical wavefront error in real time, the wavefront controller converts the error into a correction signal, and the wavefront corrector rapidly changes the wavefront phase to correct the distortion. This system has been widely used in astronomical telescopes. Now, adaptive optics can also be applied to laser technology and human ophthalmology.

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