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The simple principle of a telescope

Telescopes have been in development for more than 400 years. Today's telescopes are becoming more and more powerful and looking farther and farther. The first telescope put into scientific application in history was invented by Galileo Galileo of Italy in 1609. The magnification is 40 times, which is already very powerful.

Optical lens manufacturers believe that astronomical telescopes are an amazing instrument that can make distant targets look close. In order to better understand the working principle of astronomical telescopes, let's first consider the question: Why can't I see distant targets with the naked eye? For example, why can't I see a coin at 50 meters with the naked eye?

The answer is simple: because the image of the distant target on the retina does not occupy enough space. If you have a pair of big eyes that can gather more light from a distant target and form a bright image on your retina, then you can see the target. The two optics of the telescope can help you turn this hypothesis into reality.

The main components of an astronomical telescope are: the main tube, the objective lens, and the eyepiece. The function of the main lens barrel is to fix the objective lens to keep it at an appropriate distance from the eyepiece; to prevent dust, moisture, and stray light that interferes with image quality. The function of the objective lens is to condense light and present an image at the focal point. The function of the eyepiece is to magnify the image at the focal point of the objective lens and present it on your retina.

Objective lens, which can converge the light emitted by the distant target to the focal point (image on the focal point);

Eyepiece, which magnifies the image on the focal point of the objective lens to make it appear on your retina. Astronomical telescope manufacturers believe that this is the same principle as a magnifying glass, which magnifies small objects and then images them on your retina, so that small objects appear larger. People use the light of the lens to refract or scatter, and to be seen by us through the magnifying eyepiece. This is the most basic working principle of a telescope. The telescope uses the lens to enlarge the angle of the distant object, so that the human eye can see the details with a smaller angular distance, and the mirror image collected by the objective lens is projected on the pupil, so that people can see the distance that is not easy to see with the naked eye. detail.