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What to do if the telescope lens is moldy

Lens mildew is mainly caused by moisture on the lens, so to prevent mildew on the lens, pay attention to the following maintenance methods.

1. Before storing, clean the lens, wipe off fingerprints and dirt on the lens barrel and lens.
2. The lens should be stored in a dry place, put some desiccant in the container where the parts are stored, and keep it sealed.
3. On weekdays, check whether the desiccant is damp and discolored. If it changes color, it should be dried in time before use or replacement.
4. Always take out the lens for ventilation during the day when the weather is clear.
5. Do not seal it with a plastic bag or put it in a leather bag and put it in a container. Store it in a dry container without packaging. The lens and the body should be stored separately.
What to do after mold?
After it becomes moldy, avoid disassembling and cleaning it casually. The size, shape, number and distribution of molds should be carefully observed first, and different measures should be taken according to different situations. If it is a small amount of mildew, it will not affect the overall imaging effect, so you can not clean it temporarily; if you want to clean it, you can go to the manufacturer's professional maintenance point to remove the mildew.