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1.25" T Adapter for Telescope

1.25" T Adapter for Telescope



1.25" Camera Photography Telescope Eyepiece Holder Adapter 31.7mm-1.25" to T T2 / 1.25 Inch M42 DSLR/SLR Prime Adapter for Telescope
Standard 1.25" Prime Focus T-adapter fits on any telescope that uses a 1.25" eyepiece focuser for prime focus photography. Male T thread specification is M42x0.75
To use, insert the 1.25" barrel into your diagonal or telescope, attach your D/SLR camera to the male T-thread (via a T-ring that is specific to your camera; not included), and you are ready to take photos as prime focus with your telescope or spotting scope. In this set-up, the optical chain will be:
Telescope/Diagonal > Prime Focus T-adapter (this item) > T-ring > D/SLR camera
The 1.25" barrel of this adapter is threaded to accept standard 1.25" filters so you can use your favorite photography filters as well. Precision machined from aluminum and black anodized.
The use of this adapter is not limited to D/SLR cameras. It can also be used to image with webcams and video cameras. For this, you will need to attach your webcam to the male T-thread on the adapter via a webcam-to-T thread adapter. Similarly, you can connect a video camera via a C mount-to-T thread adapter. This adapter cannot be used with point-and-shoot cameras.