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Adjustable Laser Collimator

Adjustable Laser Collimator



Red Laser Collimator Adjustable Deluxe 1.25 inch Collimation Eyepiece with 2 inches Adapter for Newtonian Dobsonian Reflector Telescope

  • Next Generation; Retain only one optimal gear position brightness; Reduce cumbersome manual adjustment; Standard hex wrench to self-calibrate coaxial problem; The spot shape is a dot not a grainy elliptical point
  • High-end module design;The module adopts high-end specal module, high sensitivity and easy adjustment; Adopts 3-piece glued optical glass lens for stable spotting better focusing effect and less halo; Make the spot shape is a dot instead of a grainy elliptical point
  • Adjustable collimator; External effects of the product during transportation and use may cause off-axis problems;You can calibrate the coaxial problem yourself by giving away the standard hexagonal wrench
  • Full metal structure;High-end atmosphere; CNC precision lathe machining of the laser unit has a front opening from which the laser beam can be emitted
  • Resistance to sudden changes in temperature difference;The sudden temperature difference does not change the spot size; It is resistant to extreme cold weather and can be used under extremely cold weather of minus -30 degrees Celsius without affecting the use effect