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1.25" 5-Positon Filter Wheel

1.25" 5-Positon Filter Wheel



Multiple 5 Position 1.25 Inch Filter Wheel for Telescope with 1.25-inch Eyepiece Adaptor T2 Camera Adaptor and Locking Ring

  • Specification:
  • Filter Installation Methods:
  • To install an individual filter, unthread the 1.25-inch nosepiece from the assembly to expose the internal filter tray.
  • Rotate the tray so the desired filter location is shown.
  • Install the 1.25-inch filter by placing it on the filter tray and rotating it clockwise with your fingertips

Filter Disassembly Steps:

  • Put the filter wheel up with the face without any words
  • Uscrew the two screws on two sides
  • Turn up to another side
  • Unscrew the screw of central axis
  • Open the front wheel housing(There are three round bearings, underneath those bearings are three small springs and a brass bushing holds the springs, take care of these three units)
  • Take out these three units

Attaching the Filter Wheel to a Telescope:

  • Using the 1.25-inch nosepiece: If your telescope features a 1.25-inch focuser, adapter, or diagonal the easiest way to attach the Multiple Filter Wheel is by using the included 1.25-inch nosepiece.
  • Thread the nosepiece onto the front plate of the wheel assembly.Now simply insert the nosepiece into your telescopes' 1.25-inch focuser or accessory and secure by tightening the thumbscrew.
  • Using T-threads: Some telescopes feature focus adapters with exterior T-threads.

If you are using such a telescope, you can attach the Multiple Filter Wheel directly to the T-threads without using the 1.25-inch nosepiece.
Carefully attach the wheel to the T-threads by rotating the entire assembly clockwise until tight.

PLEASE NOTE: The Filter is NOT included
Package Includes:
1 x 1.25" five position filter wheel
1 x 1.25" eyepiece adaptor
1 x 1.25" focuser nosepiece
1 x T2 camera adaptor
1 x 42mm locking ring
1 x 42mm Metal Dust Cap