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2" Single-Speed Focuser for Reflector Telescope

2" Single-Speed Focuser for Reflector Telescope




  • This single-speed focuser is a great to use,focusers eliminate the annoying backlash and image-shift that plagues. You will experience very smooth and precisely controlled focuser motion.
  • The 2" focuser features a brass compression ring and can accept standard 2" Reflection-type diagonals and other accessories. Also included is a 1.25"-2" adapter with brass compression rings and threads to accept standard 2" filters.
  •  This model features a 360-degree rotatable ring that allows you to orient the focuser (and hence your diagonal/eyepiece) to the most comfortable viewing position.

  • The focuser also has two large thumbscrews. The thumbscrew on the telescope side can be used to lock the focuser, allowing the use of heavy accessories or cameras without fear or slippage or losing focus.
  • The other thumbscrew on the eyepiece end can be used to adjust the tension of the focuser to achieve a focusing "feel" that you like.



  • Fit Type: Reflection Type Telescope
  •  Material: Fully Metal
  • Fitting Diameter: 2 inch (50.8mm)
  • Size(L*W*H):12.5*9.5*16cm
  • Minimum Focuser Height (with 1.25" Adapter) : 3.58" (91.1mm)
  • Maximum Focuser Height (with 1.25" Adapter) : 5.77" (146.6mm)
  •  Minimum Focuser Height (without 1.25" Adapter) : 2.75" (70mm)
  • Maximum Focuser Height (without 1.25" Adapter) : 5.37" (136.4mm)
  • Focus Knob Diameter : 1.57" (40mm)
  • Microfocus Knob Diameter : 1.02" (26mm)
  •  Thread:No
  • Millimeter Markings on Focuser Drawtube: Yes
  • Rotatable: yes
  • Suitable for Newtonian Reflector Telescope
  • Focusing Range: 0-70mm