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Do you know how to use and maintain the telescope

As a direction that allows us to see things further, the use of the telescope must be there, but we must know the correct use and maintenance of it when using this product, and we will also use it better after only doing maintenance work, specifically Introduce us in terms of how-to: using binoculars:

1. When using the telescope, adjust the distance between the two tubes of the telescope until the images of the two eyes form a circle.

2. Then slowly turn the focus wheel until the left eye is clear.

3. Slowly rotate the right eyepiece until the right eye is clear. The purpose of this action is to adjust the telescope to a state of poor vision. Remember the correct eyepiece position. constant. When viewing the target at different distances, the focus wheel can be turned directly.

Maintenance of the telescope:

1. When wiping the lens, use the lens flannel that came with the telescope, or other soft, clean cloth.

2. To remove residual stains, put 1-2 drops of alcohol on the flannel.

3. The telescope should be stored in a ventilated and dry environment. Attention! Do not look directly at the sun with a telescope, as strong sunlight can cause irreversible damage to the eyes.