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What are the optical types of astronomical telescopes

As astronomy lovers, we should all dream of buying! However, many consumers don't know much about it, and because they are just starting out, they will have some difficulties when purchasing.

1. Optical types of astronomical telescopes:

1. Reflectivity: no chromatic aberration, but large coma and astigmatism, resulting in poor image quality at the edge of the field of view; Newtonian mirrors are commonly used. The optical system is simple. At the same price, the mirrors that can be purchased have the largest aperture and the strongest light-collecting power.

2. Refractor: Combine the advantages of refractor and reflector: large field of view, good imaging quality, short lens barrel, and easy to carry. There were Schmidt Cassegrain and Marksutov Cassegrain.

3. Refraction type: easy to use, large field of view, bright stars, but there is chromatic aberration, which will reduce the resolution, easy to use and maintain.

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