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What to consider when choosing a telescope

When shopping, we are often attracted by a wide variety of items, considering cost-effectiveness, aesthetics and practicality, and then making ideal and appropriate choices based on our important needs. With the exploration of science and technology, the use and demand of telescopes are becoming more and more extensive. So, how do we choose when buying?

1. You need to know your purpose in advance: whether it is watching shows and games, hiking outdoors, bird watching, star watching, or balcony viewing. Different uses require telescope magnifications of different sizes and weights.

2. The psychological price must be clearly informed: for the same specification, the price can range from tens of yuan to several thousand yuan, or even more than 10,000 yuan. For products with similar prices, the quality gap may be relatively large. Only when the price is clear can there be a better recommendation.

3. Trust the recommendations of old players: The experience of old players is gained by spending a lot of money and time. If you don't want to pay tuition, listen to old players. After all, you're just sitting in front of your computer daydreaming. In fact, players have been playing for a long time and have launched a lot of products.

4. Don’t choose products that are too remote that no one cares about: Novices have a unique vision among a large number of products, and the probability of sifting out high-quality products that countless players have not discovered is almost zero.

F40080 Refractor Telescope with Single Speed Focuser 80400B


Optical Design: Refractor
Caliber: 80mm
Optic Coated: FMC
Objective Lens: Doublet air spaced achromatic design
Focal Length: 400mm
Focal Ratio: F/5
Eyepiece Barrel Diameter: 2-inch (w/ 1.25 inch adapter)
Focuser: 2 inch crayford focuser ,single Speed Focuser
Millimeter markings on focuser drawtube: Yes

5. Don't replace thinking with desire: I want to be tall, double, pockets, clearly see somewhere 10 kilometers away, etc. Desires have to obey reality - the basic laws of physics and how much you can afford. Fantasy is meaningless.

6. Don't use intuition instead of thinking: for example, high time is better than low time, variable time is better than fixed time, military time is better than civilian time, imported brands are better than domestic brands, big brands are better than small brands, and big brands are better than Small brands are fine. Don't jump to conclusions, read more, ask more, and think more.

7. Resist the temptation: Many low-end Taobao brands of binoculars are bragging about their products. There is something in the sky and nothing on the ground. Think about it: it's really good. Why is it so cheap? Is it wrong for the ancients to say that what they buy will never be sold? Has the economic law of "one price, one product" also failed?