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1.25"90 degree Diagonal(fully metal)

1.25"90 degree Diagonal(fully metal)



1.25 inch 90 Degree Zenith Mirror Diagonal Adapter Erect Image Fully Metal for Refracting Telescope Eyepiece Lens
The fully metal 1.25" Mirrors Diagonal zenith mirror offers an upright figure which is but turned backward in left and right position.

It is suitable in particular for astronomical observations. The mirror depicts clean and full of contrasts.

The mirror is suitable for refractors, Celestron EQ, Meade Infinity and similar telescopes. It is not suitable due to the length reflectors for Newton.


Connection eyepiece: 1.25"

Connecting telescopic: 1.25"& 2" (2" need adapter)

Clamp: 1 screwÂ

Reflectivity: 90%

Housing material: Metal

Suitable for: Refractors

Net Weight: 142g / 5.0oz

Not suitable for: Newtonians

• Standard 1.25'' diameter; fit for 1.25'' eyepiece and telescope focuser;Note;not suitable for Newtonians
• Work with refractor and catadioptric telescopes;not for reflector telescope
• Wide 90 degree angle;you can view correct image from refractor telescope stand and just look down with a comfortable angle
• Super easy to use;just insert into 1.25'' telescope at the silver end;the other end fix 1.25'' eyepiece by the screw
• Body material is full metal;optical glass lens provide clear and sharp image With dust cover always keep your lens clear prolong life