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2" SCT Telescope Adapter

2" SCT Telescope Adapter



2 inches Nosepiece Fits Interal 2 inches SCT Telescope Adapter Rear Port Adapter Visual Back SCT to 2 inches Eyepiece for Schmidt-cassegrains

• SCT to 2" Eyepiece adapter for All Schmidt-cassegrains telescope;Female threads on to the rear cell of Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes
• Brass Ring inside the tube- protect the eyepiece from scraching;All metal construction and anodizing aluminium process;durable for long time use Provides a straight through 2" Accessory Port on most SCT Type Telescopes
• Adapts from M48 thread to standard 2" fitting;side clamping screw;For 2" eyepieces or cameras with a 2" connector;2" Female Adapter threads onto male T-Threads (48mm x 0.75mm) and accepts 2" eyepieces accessories
• Features a brass locking thumbscrew. Anodised in black for preventing unwanted reflections;This lets you easily adapt from an M48 thread to a 2" barrel. Many 2" filter wheels, coma correctors and other accessories use the M48 size for the ideal illumination
• You can screw this adapter directly onto a male M48 thread.Your 2" accessories are then gently clamped in place via the compression ring and side locking screw